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Responding to an active-shooter situation is an uncomfortable subject that we need to address objectively and sensibly, given the recent mass shootings across the globe. As a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Toronto Martial Arts school</a>, we believe it’s wrong to feed into fear-mongering and the opportunist agendas that mislead members of our Toronto communities and potentially put people in harm’s way and/or give them a false sense of security.

There are <em>no</em> precise or “most effective” <strong>self defence methods</strong> of protecting yourself from an armed assailant! The video at the bottom of this page goes into better detail about this.

Such a situation is very volatile, and having <strong>plan of action</strong> beats any given self-defence strategy. That’s why the intelligent approach is to listen to experts with proven data and who are well-trained in dealing with scenarios like these.

Although we may speculate whether an <strong>Active Shooter Situation in Toronto </strong>is probable considering our Canadian values and gun laws, it is still important that we as a community appreciate that such threats are real. We must be educated in how to keep safe in the event of an unfortunate situation such as the recent <strong>active shooter incident in Orlando, Florida</strong>.

The video below, courtesy of Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department, lists some very important tips on what to do. This is a frightening and volatile situation, and we believe it’s best to learn from the experts in public protection and self-defence.

<h2>Here are some tips from the police on what to do in an active-shooter situation:</h2>

If <strong>You Can Get Out, Do It and Do It Quickly</strong>

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  • <strong>Don’t hesitate. Take action, and do it fast.</strong>
  • <strong>If there’s an escape path, attempt to evacuate the area.</strong>
  • <strong>Evacuate the area whether others agree to or not.</strong>
  • <strong>Leave your belongings behind.</strong>
  • <strong>Help others escape if possible.</strong>
  • <strong>Prevent others from entering the area.</strong>
  • <strong>Call 911 <em>when you’re <b>safe</b></em>.</strong>
  • <strong>Staying out of harm’s way is your priority.</strong>

Find <strong>a Safe Place to Hide, and Stay Out of Sight</strong>

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  • <strong>Act quickly and quietly to secure a hiding place the best you can.</strong>
  • <strong>Find a room, an enclosure, or a large object that can protect you.</strong>
  • <strong>Lock and/or block the door or access behind you.</strong>
  • <strong>If you’re inside a room, turn off the lights if possible.</strong>
  • <strong>Silence your cell phone.</strong>
  • <strong>Hide behind large objects to shield yourself.</strong>
  • <strong>Remain quite and out of sight.</strong>
  • <strong>Don’t trap or restrict your options for movement.</strong>

As <strong>a Last Resort, Fight Intelligently; Don’t Try to Be a Hero</strong>

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-2828 alignleft” src=”×204.jpg” alt=”fight-back” width=”300″ height=”204″ />
  • <strong>Commit to your actions. In this case, it’s all or nothing.</strong>
  • <strong>If possible, don’t act alone. There’s strength in numbers.</strong>
  • <strong>Attempt to incapacitate the shooter.</strong>
  • <strong>Use improvised weapons (chairs, scissors, poles, fire extinguisher, etc.).</strong>
  • <strong>Act aggressively and relentlessly. Here’s when you want to switch into “beast mode.”</strong>

We offer our sincerest condolences to the families of the victims of mass shootings both recent and in the past, and we will continue to remember them in our prayers.

Remember, prevention starts with staying aware and reporting any suspicious activities to the police.

Please take a minute to watch this video courtesy of Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department. Share it with your loved ones, and let’s work together to keep Toronto safe.

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